alexalltogether (alexalltogether) wrote in bad_service,

i am aware of the undesirable effects smoking cigarettes has on both my health and wallet, and though i respect your opinion and appreciate your apparent concern for my well-being, i'd prefer you didn't lecture "stupid" me about my "nasty ass habit" whenever i stop in for a pack of cigarettes. it seems it's not just that you're against the habit of smoking- you're just against ME smoking, since i've witnessed you hand out packs of smokes to customers ahead of me in line and grumble little more than the total at them, only to start running your big mouth as soon as it's my turn.

your's is the only twenty-four hour gas station directly on my way home, and i've always been greatly impressed by your friendly and helpful co-workers, but solely because of your continued rude behavior, i've started going entirely out of my way to obtain my nicotine fix just to avoid dealing with you.
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