wildmuff (wildmuff) wrote in bad_service,

Your Glasses are Awesome But...

This is a short suck about Riedel, the glass company. For those of you who don't know, Riedel produces wine glasses ranging from ones hand blown in Austria that cost 150 a pop, down to more general, mass market products.

My sister asked me to get her some wine glasses for Christmas and I decided to go all out. I splurged on a set of four, not the absolute top of the line but nowhere near the bottom either. The set was going to cost me a pretty penny but I thought it was worth it. Now though I'm considering cancelling the order. I placed the order back in September. I freely admit it was partly my fault for not paying any attention but Riedel is a reputable company. What could go wrong?

Sadly, something could. Last week I suddenly woke up and said, "Hey. Where's my wine glasses?" On checking the Riedel website, to my shock I saw the order was still marked as processing. I e-mailed them and it took four days to get a response, but to be fair that was the Thanksgiving long weekend. When I did get a response, I found out my glasses were on back order with an ETA of November 30th! I'm not sure if that's the time they're expected to reach my house or the date they ship. If the latter, they do need to arrive for Christmas. I'm a bit miffed that they never once attempted to contact me about this. I'm still debating cancelling the order and checking out Waterford...
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