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Weird Service (from a fax machine)

An update on Weird Credit Fraud Saga II:

So I faxed a complaint to Equifax about their fake charges showing up on my credit card (see back a post or three). As far as I can tell, I did it right -- dialed the number they gave, a fax machine picked it up, hung up and pressed the transmit button, it sent the fax, blah blah.

Except the fax machine recorded the wrong number dialed and printed gibberish instead that doesn't look like a valid number. Even though I dialed by hand (I'm 90% sure I did). I also seem to recall hitting the redial button and seeing the correct number dialed.

It's strange.

On the confirmation printed with the fax and on the sheet that it spit out later to log an activity report.

So I hope it went to Equifax. Especially since they wanted me to put my SSN on the report, so I did ... They said to call back tomorrow midday or so to see if the fax was received or not.

I'm not quite sure what to think.

But at least Bank of America refunded ALL of the fake charges in record time -- my balance is already corrected! Much faster than Chase. I know that's not bad service, but I still wanted to include it in the update!

(Update: I got an email confirming that Equifax did get the fax, so it should be OK. So now it's out of my hands. The only oddity left is that you can't dispute online with BofA -- it'll show you a page giving you a phone number if you click the dispute button -- but can with Chase. Weird.)
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