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Not bad service.... Just a bad response to bad customers

So I had a situation today where the service of the place that I went to wasn't bad on their part, but some customers who were already there made their service bad.

Does that make sense? I'll explain:

So I went to Wendy's and lined up cause it was a really long line. Probably about 15 minutes later I was second in line with a bunch of teenage girls behind me. Just as I was about to be served, a bunch of young kids, maybe about 10, pushed in without the person serving noticing and were served before me.

That didn't bother me, I mean they're just kids and I wasn't in the mood to argue. Instead I let them get served. At this time the teenage girls behind me were talking about Justin bebier and I was getting quite cranky.

The young kids didn't have enough cash so they went off to get some money from their mother while I was finally served. As I was being served two people joined the queue behind me then the young kids came back and tries to push in in front of me.

They said "we're ready to be served now" and they were asked to wait while I was served. After I paid my money she asked who was next and the people that were next (technically not the kids) were about to say them when the kids mother, rude arrogant lady said "these kids have been waiting."

So the kids were served after me and the other people had to wait as well. In this case the bad service was resulted from rude customers as well as staff that weren't assertive enough to speak up.

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