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Kalinka? Malinka?

I'm not blind and stupid, Mr. Bus Driver

An old-ass driver suck that I just remembered while discussing shitty bus service with my friend and I thought I'd share it.

Way back when, when I was attending high school, there was two buses that went to the school. One was the 'official' bus that pulled directly into the school's bus-park-thing and one that came about three minutes later and dropped us off at the bus stop a little ways down the road from the school. Depending on who was getting the first bus (I was frequently spat at, shoved around etc etc on my bus by my classmates, who were all doucherockets *cue world's tiniest violin* ), I tended to get the second one more often.

One day, after missing the first bus by a hair, I hung around and waited for bus #2, which was what I usually got anyway. Once the bus pulled up, I climbed on and showed the bus driver my school pass. The bus driver squints at my pass and then scowls at me, like I just pissed on his cheereos.

Driver: You can't get on this bus.
Me: *puzzled* Why not?
Driver: Because that pass isn't valid for this route.
Me: It's been valid every other time I've used this bus.
Driver: You must be mistaking it for the other bus. That one--
Me: No, I get this bus every day. I've always been let on with this pass.
Driver: Well, it doesn't matter, I'm not supposed to let on high school kiddies anyway.
Me: *stares at bus driver for a moment then leans over to peer at the back of the bus where there are at least ten students who are very obviously from my high school, then turns back to bus driver* ಠ_ಠ
Driver: .... can I see your pass?
Me: *pass flash*
Driver: Okay, go ahead.

Maybe I smelled bad.

OT: Are teacher-related sucks valid material for posting here? Because if so, I have a stinker of an epic to share with you guys regarding how the teahcers from my old high school handle(d) bullying.
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