coanteen (coanteen) wrote in bad_service,

Give me my tea!

This weekend a few of us were hanging out downtown and staying in a hotel, which necessitated one of my favorite activities - going to a restaurant. I rarely go out to eat, but I usually love it when I do.

There was a sushi restaurant near the hotel, so we went there. We were seated quickly and started perusing our menus...and perused...and perused. Then we started looking pointedly towards the sushi-making counter, where most of the wait staff was gathered. The place was near-empty, and the hostess (I think) indicated us to a waiter a couple of times, but somehow nothing happened. The place was less that 1/4 full. We decided to leave after 20 minutes of being ignored.

But the place did have some pretty interesting items (we had a long time to peruse the menu), so I dragged my friends there for lunch the next day. This time we were in a party of 7, were seated quickly, and were actually brought our tea.
Except mine, because the guy only brought 6 cups. I pointed it out to him when he returned to take out food order. This was brought out eventually, but my tea wasn't.
I reminded him again. He acknowledged. Some of us ordered more hand rolls, and they arrived in due course. My tea did not. I again asked for tea. My friends were growing more and more amused (but that stopped once they realized that it was equally impossible for them to get refills, ha!).
I eventually grew frustrated enough and became rather curt with the waiter, stating that I had been waiting for my tea for over an hour now and that I had asked for it repeatedly. I also asked for refills for my friends. He apologized, promised to bring tea, then disappeared. Tables around us were getting tea (I was entertaining notions of just stealing a cup), so it's not like there was a mysterious tea shortage.

My tea arrived 15 minutes later, with the bill. My friends never got their refills.
No, he did not get a tip. One of my friends was going to leave a few bucks, but I told her to either take it back or I would take it and go buy my fucking tea elsewhere.
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