Krista (krista0000) wrote in bad_service,

Old medical B_S

This is the story of how an intern nearly ruined my moms arm for life, because bad service is older than time

When my mother was about 19 (Shes now in her 50's) She broke her elbow while playing ping-pong. ( slipped and smashed her elbow on a basement floor. )
Since it was sore, but able to bend, she went to bed thinking it was just really sore.
She woke up the next day and it was swollen as hell. Knowing it was broken, she went to the hospital, and an intern saw her. The first thing this moron tried to do was straighten it. she told him "Touch my arm and i'll f**king hurt you". The intern goes to get the doctor, and when he gets there he tells her that if she had let the intern straighten her arm, her arm would never have been able to unbend again. 
This story does have a really good ending, The doctor kicked the intern out of the ER .

Idk how coherent this post is, since its 3:35 am, but i hope you can understand
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