squidger (squidger) wrote in bad_service,

I saw this as more of a confusing WTF than bad service, but it definitely can be seen as both.

I studied abroad (from the US) in Italy during a year of college. For the most part it was absolutely incredible, and as a whole, the people there were amazing. However, that wouldn't make for a good story in this community.

There was this one place that sold mostly "pizza al taglio," thicker square slices, but it also sold pretty amazing arancini, basically fried rice balls with ragu in the middle. I'd gone several times to get one as snack. However, this one time I went, the twenty-something year old guy working behind the counter decided to strike up a conversation.

My Italian was probably on the lower end of intermediate level. Poor enough that I could say one or two words and you could tell by my accent that I was American.

The guy asks me where I'm from, and I tell him Philadelphia. America. He kind of smiles/smirks at me and asks if all women from Philadelphia were as large, making the universal "well-endowed" gesture (the cupping of hands in front of the chest). I just stare at him, mumble something, and leave.

I'm a bigger girl, and I'm "proportional" up there, but seriously? Who says that? One of the strangest "conversations" ever. It was really sad, too, because this guy normally worked at the place, and I avoided it most of the time after that because he would recognize me.
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