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Some people asked for an update on this post about the suit jacket. If updates are frowned upon, I'm sorry and will delete. Still, this update almost deserves a Bad_Service post of its own, honestly.

Well, I went back to the tailors this morning at the ass-crack of dawn, and some guy was there.

So, I got my jacket, tried it on (it does look good!) So, anyway, I explained about the problems I had and he just kind of nodded and then he said, "Well, I was here Monday!"

I said, "I stopped by, like, three times, and the door was closed and locked and no one answered my knocking...?"

And he said, "Well, I was here from, ya know, like, 8 in the morning to like, 9:30am... and there were, no cars, no people so I just left."

Me: O.o "Um..."

He: "You should have called because, like, the phone forwards to my cell."

Me (and my bf, at about the same time): "We did call! About four times. There wasn't an answer."

He: *blink blink blank look* "Well, sorry about all that."



Me: "Well... um... next time at least give me a call instead of waiting until I come in to ask me a question."

He: *blank look*

Me: "Okay fine, do you take credit card?"

He: "Well, I didn't turn on the register yet..." (note: this was 8:45am and apparently this guy had been open since 7:30am, according to the sign outside) "Do you remember how much it was? Just put down about how much it was. I dunno."

Yeah, it was $.02! That's what I should pay anyway!

I ended up throwing down a ten and five and leaving. Which means I probably didn't pay tax. Whoop. Anyway, I'm not that mad about paying because I should have demanded it free, but for some reason he thwarted Josh and me with blank looks and the word "like". I do find it hysterical that he thought being at work for an hour and a half meant "being open on Monday" and that he didn't have the register on when I came in to pay.

The job interview didn't go so well, either, but I can't blame it on the jacket. I don't think.

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