Beth (kid_lit_fan) wrote in bad_service,

Chase what matters!

What matters to me is decent service.

I lived beyond my means (a lost job was involved) a few years back, and owed a bunch on a Chase credit card, which I've been paying on for almost four years. Not HUGE monthly payments, but enough to impact my life negatively. I kept on top of them pretty well, and was getting to a point where I could see light at the end of the tunnel when I got a windfall. Again, not a HUGE amount, but enough that I could make myself debt-free.

I called Chase and told them I'd like to make this bill go away. Very nice phone drone was very nice, and I paid off the bill, was told that my balance was zero, the account was closed and I should receive notice within a month.

So, I get a call from them at work, even though I made sure that my work number isn't on their records (but I have an account with Chase Bank, and I'm wondering just HOW connected all my records are, although, as you'll see, my Chase credit card isn't even really connected to my Chase credit card.).

An ominous female voice informed me that I missed a payment, and we need to fix that, or the terms of my payment plan are at risk, and I could be liable for the whole amount, plus court costs!

Umm, I paid it in full just under a month ago! I authorized a very nice man to take about 15 monthly payments out of my bank account, via my ATM card, and that amount, indeed, went away from my bank.

"Ohhhh, I see! It IS a zero balance. Right, it's an automatic dialer! OK, we'll fix this, and it looks like your notice of payment in full went out earlier this week."

So, if the auto-dialer brings up a call for an actual human being, shouldn't said human have the ability to look at the balance before the call connects? It's the 21st century. We live in the future, for God's sake, shouldn't it be possible for the auto-dialer to tell itself "$0.00, payment owed does not compute. Abort dialing procedure!"

I'm wondering if my piece o' paper that says I'm a (relatively) good girl will beat the next call!
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