_The_ Wench (rayce) wrote in bad_service,
_The_ Wench

Stop harrassing me

Dear Toyota,

You declined me due to my poor credit for financing on a new car and that is all well and good. I figured that would be the outcome when I went in there to see if I even had an option of getting a new car. So then, 6 months later, you call me to thank me for purchasing a new car o.O. I explained you had declined me and you used that to go into "Well.. we have used cars!" (Have to admit that was clever of you) That is all well and good but unless you will suddenly approve me for financing I can't buy anything which I tell you. And you keep pushing. I finally explain you have called me at work and I can't sit and argue with you right now. Please don't call me back because you obviously are not going to suddenly change your mind on doing financing for me. My credit is still the same piss poor mess of medical bills due to a daughter with a lifetime medical issue.

So today you call me again to ask me if I want to buy a new car....


She who drives an old car with wiring issues, no head lights, no dash lights and no hope to replacing this junker anytime in my life but that is ok because my boyfriend lets me drive his super nice convertible.

Edited to add: I am not upset at all they won't finance me. I expected it. But I don't appreciate the aggressive sales tactics with someone who they have already said no to. It is annoying as hell.

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