Hani Lou (vanishingwoman) wrote in bad_service,
Hani Lou

Bra size suck...

Right, this happened quite a while ago when I was still living in the States but I still think it's relevant (I was 18, which I think explains my going along with her stupid bra suggestion). Although if I'm not meant to post old stories here let me know ^^

Anyway, homecoming was coming up, and I had this strapless dress I wanted to wear. Which meant I would need a strapless bra. Now, I am well aware that I have a funky bra size--tiny back, big boobs--and that many places don't carry my size. At the time I was a 32FF/G, so trying to find bras in actual stores was quite difficult, but not impossible in my home country (YAY for the UK having odd bra sizes in stock lol), so I thought I'd have a wander into Victoria's Secret and see what they had.

So I walked in and was greeted by an incredibly perky sales lady, who immediately asked me what I was looking for. Cool, getting help, won't waste my time, right? Wrong...
SL=Sales Lady

Me: "Yeah, I'm looking for a strapless bra for my dress. But I have a weird bra size, I don't know--"
SL: "Oh, you don't look like you do! What size do you take?"
Me: "32FF, but I can wear a 34F at a push if you only go up to F cups..."
SL: *raises eyebrows* "No, that's not right. That back size is much too small for your size. Let me measure you." *proceeds to measure my bra size OVER my very baggy school uniform shirt...* "See, you're a 36D!"
Me: "No...I don't think that's right...I have a very small back you see and--"
SL: "No no hun, you probably measured yourself wrong! Here, try this on."

I was so...idk...not intimidated but sort of shocked that I did go and try the bra on. Surprise, surprise, it did NOT fit. The back was huuuuge (didn't even hold the bra up) and the cups were way too small and sort of in the wrong position...yeah it just didn't fit. So I got changed again, and went to leave the store. Sales Lady was waiting at the entrance to the fitting room though

SL: "Did it fit?" *smug look*
Me: "No...it was too big round the back and too small in the cup size..."
SL: "Well, you must not have put it on right!" *huffy*
Me: ....*wut? how do you put a bra on WRONG?!* "ha...right...ok...bye..."

And then I walked off. I know that's quite rude of me, but seriously, still just thinking about this lady pisses me off...damn don't tell me it's so unbelievable that I have that brasize (which has now increased again, which is always entertaining in shops >.> luckily I have M&S here which stock my size and measure you properly <3). I know I probably should have done something about it then, but I wasn't very confident/outspoken in social situations at that age (I am now...if that had happened to me now, she would have got an earful hehe).

Also, I know it's not terribly bad service, but meh...it just rubbed me the wrong way >.> Like all she wanted to do was sell me something...
Tags: boobs, bra banter, customers shouldn't get what they want
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