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bad_service? rude_service? I don't know what to call this.

Last night, my two friends, my sister, her friend (Melissa) and her friends husband went to a murder mystery dinner that was hosted by Melissa's husbands former fire department. We each paid $40 and had dressed up since costumes were encouraged.

In the beginning, things were fine. A little loud, but fine. However, as the night went on, everyone at my table got more and more pissed off. The table in front of us, table three, were loud and obnoxious. The room was divided up so there were five tables on the left and five on the right. The people who attended the party ended up being characters in the murder mystery, save for two people. The main actor, also the host, and a woman, also a host(ess), but her role was rather minor in comparison.

The people at table three thought it was appropriate to call the main actor "burnt bacon" and Al Roker. And yes, he was African-American. These people were also screaming across the room to the other "actors" (fire department members and their families), and using words like "faggot", "bitch tits", on top of saying things like: "yeah, that guy loves cock", "that guy likes to take it in the ass", etc.

One person even went as far as to make fun of my sister. And I know they were all fire department members because Melissa's husband is an ex-chief of that fire department and recognized everyone who was there. My sister has never set foot inside that fire house, nor does she know anyone from there except Melissa.

The ex-chief at one point went downstairs and said something to one of the officers about the way some of the people were acting. I guess nothing was done because the people at table three were still acting like animals afterward. Melissa was disgusted by the overall behavior and she walked out for a little bit, then came back.

By the end of the night, it was so bad that my friends and I left. No one could follow the plot of the mystery because there was too much yelling and the main actor, the one that kept getting racist remarks, tried to calm everyone down so that whatever was left of the night could be salvaged. It couldn't.

The ex-chief apologized profusely and I felt bad, but I couldn't stay. My two friends and I were beyond appalled.

After we had left, my sister said that everyone at table three had been kicked out. I don't know why the line officers and other chiefs didn't kick these people out earlier. It's their damn fire department. The actions of the members gave a lot of people a bad first impression.

I applaud the actors from whatever company the murder mystery was done through. They were quite professional through all the racist and homophobic remarks.

It's just a shame that I couldn't enjoy the mystery. I felt like I wasted $40.

Edit: The event took place in the fire house itself. It wasn't hosted by an outside venue or anything like that.

Also, there were 2-3 bowls of snacks at every table, and in the bowls were fake fingers. Table three and table one decided it would be hilarious to throw things at each other, so my sister got hit with food and a fake finger.
Tags: this post's topicality is off, xenophobic screwball
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