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Anyone been to KFC?

This might be more than just Bad_Service...
So there is only one KFC in the area and its in one of the suburbs.

The service has always been appalling. So bad that when my sister is in town and wants KFC she drives all the way to another town that's about an hours drive away to a KFC run by someone who has more than a kindergarten education under their belt.
It's had a massive upgrade recently. As in...they literally demolished the entire building and built a new one a few cm away. Oh, and they added another story to it.
So what else has changed about the KFC? Well it's got a new building.'s got a new building...
Oh...and the service has gotten worse !

For example:
My cousin wanted KFC for her birthday. I was picked up by aunty and cousin on the day. For some reason it took more than an hour for KFC to give them anything?
To make a long story short, we all arrived at cousins own birthday party AT LEAST 2 HOURS LATE!!! Do the math!

And not only that, but the builders and designers clearly got their diplomas from the $2 shop. My sister discovered that when the drive thru is being used, literally everyone who has a car parked in the KFC car park is completely and utterly FUCKED. Where are they supposed to go?
I'm lucky and greatly surprised that no-one was using the drive thru when I was there or we would have been 5 HOURS late.

This was all a few months ago. If anything has changed I will shit my pants. This thing has been here since before I was born. My question is How and Why?? Everyone I know seriously wonders if this place is making any money and how it survived this long. And yet it always has clusterfucks of customers. At least it looks like it. It may just be all abandon cars, left there because no-one can even move </> them thanks to the drive thru.

Edited. Sorry. There are no big colourful pictures in this one. This is a book for grown-ups that know how to read.
Tags: bolding for fun and profit, drive-thru driiiiiiive thruuuuu, op *obviously* smarter than us all, troll status: unconfirmed, what we have here is a failer

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