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Brigitte Fires

Local pub makes the chef-customer angry

About a month ago, my boy and I went out to a friend's birthday party. I could go further into detail, but let me just include my YELP! review.

Never had the greatest service here, but tonight was the worst.

I ordered my burger medium rare, waiter said "Sure, no problem!" I got it extra-extra-well--it was 1/4 char, and not really even hot. I understood that by that point the kitchen had switched the fried foods only, and I asked if I should pick something else. He said the grill was probably not off yet since they'd just taken my (lukewarm) burger off the grill, so I asked that it be remade.

The owner & bartender came back and told my partner that they "can't cook your lady's burger medium rare." I overheard and said, "What about my burger?" He continued to speak to my partner, who had to tell him TWICE that since it was MY burger, he needed to speak to me about it ("well, we can get her burger off the bill or she can eat it." Hi, right here thanks). He told me it's "impossible" to cook it any less than they had, because "it's ground beef" and "we use a char grill." He offered to take it off the bill, or let me eat it the way it was.

Ok, clearly you just don't want to cook me the burger, and I get that the kitchen is closed. But don't lie to my face and tell me that it was cooked on a char grill when it was cooked on a flat-top, the same as my burned bun--there were no grill marks, it was a nice even coating of burned-to-a-crisp meat. Do not lie to me and say it's "impossible" to cook ground meat on a char grill without it being SUPER well done (even though it's a frozen patty, restaurants do it all the time). Do not speak to my partner about it when I'm right there, involved in the conversation about my own food.

And most importantly: when you screw up a customer's food, APOLOGIZE.
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