umbriphilous (umbriphilous) wrote in bad_service,

Rude Service at the Bay

My cousin was getting married and was registered at the Bay, so my mom and I went to go and buy something off of her registry from there. We went upstairs, and there is a computer where you can search the person's name, and the registry will print off. We decided to purchase a set of plates for her, and started looking for them, but we couldn't find them anywhere, so we decided to go ahead and ask a sales associate. Only, you know, we couldn't find ANY, anywhere. We looked for at least ten minutes, all around the store, and ran into another woman who was also trying to find someone to help her to no avail.

I thought it was odd because every time I had been in that store, they flock and are usually watching me quite closely. So, I got an idea and wandered away from my Mom, looking around and sure enough within five minutes of me being alone, two sales people came over and started watching me. I'm a teenager, I get it, I have piercings in my face and weird hair, I get it. They assume I'm up to no good. They ask me if I need help with anything, I say yes, I actually need help finding some things off the registry, and the one woman dismisses me and says she "doesn't have time for that right now", and walks away. I was thinking, seriously? But whatever. The second woman followed me to my mother, took the registry from my Mom, looked at it and said "oh, we don't carry any of this. You need to go to (other location that is an hour away)" and then walks away without giving us a chance to say anything else. It was frustrating and rude, especially since my Mom was interested in just purchasing something similar instead...but we'd had enough of them and went elsewhere where the employees weren't scarce and unhelpful.
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