Chibi (tsukichibi) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service at the Diner

My mom, sister, a friend and I decided to go out to dinner. When we got there, we had a bit of a wait, because apparently the restaurant had been slammed before we came in. That's fine, I get that. The host takes us to our table, and it's in a super out-of-the-way place. Everyone else has been sat much closer to the main area. But, ok, I understand that some restaurants have specific seating areas for certain waitresses... so I can give them that.

Our waitress (I'll call her L for Lazy) comes to take our drinks and orders. I ask her about the price of garlic bread and she promises to find out. L leaves. We start chatting. About 20 minutes later, she returns with food and disappears before I can ask her about my garlic bread. I figure I'll ask when she comes back to check on us. Except she never does. We finish eating and keep waiting, all of which took about an hour. We're all done and still haven't seen our waitress, so my friend and my sister decide to go look at the dessert menu, since we clearly weren't getting one.

This restuarant has pies and cheesecake on display for people to look at. After making their decision, they track down our waitress and ask for a piece of chocolate pie. Ten minutes later, my mom gets fed up and goes to look for L. She asks for more water and the bills. Then, get this... L says "oh and someone wanted a piece of chocolate pie, right? I'll go put that order in." It had been ten minutess and she hadn't even put the order in! We finally get the dessert a good fifteen minutes later, twenty-five minutes after it was ordered, along with the bills.

When it's time to go (finally, we've been there for nearly two hours), we pass L, who goes "have a good night, girls". Now at this restaurant, your server is always the one who cashes you out. No one else can do it. So we're waiting by the stand for L to come over and a couple of other waitresses walk by and look at us. One goes "are they yours?" and the other goes "no, I think they're L's." Neither of them go and get L, so finally my mom walks back down to L and goes "could someone take our money?"

Let me just make it clear, the restaurant was not busy while we were there. I walked through the whole place at one point because I had to go to the bathroom, and there was about six other customers there. L spent most of the time cleaning tables off. We could see her sometimes, though she was always too far away to call out to and she never once looked in our direction. I realize it's important to have the place clean, but you'd think customers would be first. It's the only time in my life that I've not left a tip.


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