Gail (bandvamp01) wrote in bad_service,

Haunted House WTF Service

I don't often get bad service, but this made me "WTF?" so I thought I'd share.

My husband and I went to a local haunted house this weekend (oh, let's call it Underworld), because we had awesome "opening weekend" coupons. There was a short wait at the ticket booth, and when I got to one of the cashiers, I handed over my coupon and said, "Both houses, please." The lady told me the total price, and I handed her my credit card.

On the back of my credit card, I have "See ID" next to my signature. She asked for my license, and I handed it to her and said, "Thank you for checking" (Laugh at me if you want, but I always thank cashiers when they ask to see my ID. I genuinely appreciate them taking to time to make sure I'm the card owner).

After signing my receipt, she looked at my license and said flatly, "The way you signed your name on this makes it look like you have chin hair." I wasn't sure I had heard her correctly, so I said, "My.. what?" She said again (without smiling), "The way you signed your name underneath your picture makes it look like you have chin hair." I really wasn't sure what to say to that, so I just sort of said, "Oh. Haha," as she handed back my license and credit card. The lady just rolled her eyes and waved for the next customer.

WTF? I don't even know what that was about. I mean, yeah, GA licenses have a double-signature where one is indeed crammed up under your chin, but why would you even say that to someone? I guess it might have been funnier if she had laughed about it, but it was just deadpan and odd.
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