Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

No, see, I still need those

Our prescription insurance has deemed that if you are on a medication for more than 2 months it has to go through mail order CVS Caremark.

I have had nothing but annoyance with CVS Caremark and have actually gone without some medication because they are that bad.

I finally gave up and attempted to transfer all my prescriptions to the mail order so I'd stop getting "non-compliance" letters from insurance. (Yes, I know I filled a prescription at Target for the 4th month in a row...)

On the Caremark website there is a "FastStart" option You can select your physician, your medication and it's supposed to fax the physician and get the authorization or whatever. I fill out of the information out on Thursday for the 3 prescriptions that I'm attempting to "FastStart". And it fails. I spend an hour and a half trying to get the FastStart option to work before calling the help line.

I then spend an hour negotiating the help line before I get a real person. She immediately transfers me.

The person she transfers me asks me what I need help with and I say that I'm having trouble with FastStart and she transfers me.

The 3rd person asks what's wrong and I say I'm having trouble with FastStart and she says with the snottiest voice possible "well do you need me to guide you through the webform or do you need technical help?" And then transfers me.

At this point I get hung up on.

I call back and finally get through to the right department and get a nice lady named Peggy (thanks Peggy!) who puts in a request for my 3 medications. (SUCCESS! or so it seems)

Saturday I get a phone call to authorize the co-pay for ONE of the medications. Which, by the way, the co-pay for a 3 month supply has gone up $150 from December of last year. I ask about the other two prescriptions and there's no record of that request...

Then this morning I get a phone call stating that there's been no response from my doctor's office and since it's been 4 days they're cancelling the request. The request that there was no record of? I don't understand how ONE medication was approved and the other two weren't?! What the heck is wrong with these people?!?

AND what's worse is when I called Target to get a refill of my Thyroid medication (one of the one's I'm trying to migrate to mail order!) they called me back and said my insurance is refusing to pay anything. It's not a big deal it's not an expensive medication but it's still annoying since my insurance is making it near impossible to do what it wants me to do and it's not like thyroid medication is something you can just do without!
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