Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Pizza Hut Suck

Not a fan of Pizza Hut for their pizza, but I do enjoy their crispy-bone-in wings.

I placed an order online for their delicious wings with a local store. Local stores wing & wedge deal was $2 cheaper than other stores. Local store phoned me back to tell me that they ran out of crispy, would I like traditional? No thanks, I cancelled the order.

I call up another one a little east of me, a bit further away, but worth it for the crispy style. They're deal is $2 more for whatever reason, but again, well worth it. I place my order for pick-up, and they don't take any of my info. Weird, but I don't order with Pizza Hut usually. I thought it was weird, but nothing to worry about.

Husband went to go get them, and got lost on the way, so when he arrived, he was so concerned with getting them and getting home, he didn't think to check. Mind you, he's ordered them before, and never had to check at our local location so it possibly never crossed his mind?

He comes home, we open it, and find out it's traditional. Bleh.

Cue me calling customer service to find out what to do to make things right.

I get someone at the local store who listens to my plight, can't find my order (I told her that the store didn't take any of my info), find my online order, confirms they don't have crispy wings and insists the farther away store is open until 11pm because they are, and even if they close they're supposed to answer the phone.

Ring, ring, ring. No answer from that store.

So, I call back customer service. I explain my situation, rep is really nice and apologetic and escalates the call to a customer service rep.

I explain my story again to the customer service rep, and she tells me that the further away store is privately owned, and we're going to have to call them when they open again if they're closed. If I can't wait until then I can call head office, which is only open 8-6pm Monday to Friday. There's nothing she can do but offer me an apology until then.

Edit: Husband called today and they insisted traditional is crispy. He explained that every other time he's asked for crispy bone-in it's been breaded. Just like their boneless wings. They seemed surprised no one took our phone number and said they didn't know who did that but they comped us another order of the proper wings this time :) Yay!
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