Sylken Whyspers (softlywhispered) wrote in bad_service,
Sylken Whyspers

Post Office SUCK

A handful of days ago, I ordered off of Ebay. I've not had a problem before, so when I checked out, I really wasn't paying attention, and here is -my- mistake. I should have been. If I had, I wouldn't be posting this right now.

Apparently when I checked out, It auto populated an old address from history, not my current address as it has in the past. And not the address that Pay Pal has on file. But I digress, I didn't catch this error, It was 3am when I paid for the item I was purchasing, and details were really the last thing on my mind.

I ordered expidited shipping and was hoping to get the package, a PVC corset by Monday. On Tuesday it hadn't arrived, but I received an Email with the tracking info that stated it'd been delivered on Saturday. I quickly checked and that's when I noticed the old address foul up. I contacted the shipper, they told me to contact the USPS in that area and see what they could tell me. Ok no biggie. Except that it is.

I moved from the previous address back in February, I have a forwarding. This package SHOULD have been automatically forwarded to my address, but the tracking clearly shows that it was delivered at 1:32 pm on 9/17. So armed with this info, I go to the old address first, figuring that I could see if the people now living at my old home possibly didn't refuse the package, and might still have it. I knew she had kids, so there was the chance she'd still be home. When I got to the house, there was a realtor's padlock on the front door, the kind you enter a pass code into to get the key out of. This tells me that NO ONE lives there any more. I knocked on the door, I looked in the window, and yep, No one is there, no furniture is in the house, and there are no packages around the door...

So I head to the post office I used to go to all the time. This one woman is always particularly helpful, she takes the tracking number and goes in the back. A few minutes later she comes out and tells me that the office I'm at isn't the right one, I need to go to the annex, which, by the way is currently closed, but here's their number, give them a call. So I do that, I talk to Bob. I tell bob what happened, That I have a current forwarding on file, that the package shouldn't ahve been delivered and that no one is at the address currently, where is my package. He says he thinks the delivery driver is there, but he's wrong, he'll call me in the am.

The morning comes and goes, and at about 2:30 pm I call him back, he's had a chance to speak to the driver and has round out that the regular route driver, Frank, wasn't delivering on Saturday, but his sub was. But they were still trying to figure out what happened, and he would call me back later. To his credit, he did, about 5pm I got a call on my cell from Bob saying that they'd attempted to retrieve my package twice (But no one lives there, who are they trying to get my package from?) and that he would call me tomorrow.

At this point I'm more than a little frustrated. This is a $100.00 corset, granted that's not terribly expensive, but with a forwarding order on the mail box, and with that kind of padlock on the door, you'd think that the mail dude would have the common sense NOT to leave anything at the door in the first place. I guess not. NOW I'm out both the money and the corset... as I have no idea what to do from this point forward. At least Bob is being helpful, or trying to be. The Post Office is clearly in the wrong here. I know where I fucked up too though.
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