08aprilangel (08aprilangel) wrote in bad_service,

The post just below of the poor cat reminded me of this...

So I had a dog that my dad got for me right after I turned 6. I was a military brat who moved a lot and didn't make friends easily, so I was really close with this dog. Well, my dad took him in for his yearly visit one day and we found out he had heart worms (I was 12). My dad didn't keep up with his hw medication, we were in the south and he was an outside dog. I didn't know any better then, I wish I had. So my dad decided to do the treatment they had whereWe brought him into the office, they gave him the meds, kept him for 24 hours for observation and sent him home. He had to stay inside. He couldn't run or exert himself. He had several of these treatments and each time he was supposed to be kept for observation. On the LAST treatment he was supposed to get, they gave it to him and the girl (don't know if it was an assitant or a tech) said we could take him home that day. She told us since the dog never reacted before, he would probably be just fine. So I am taking him out for a walk on his leash and he is panting when we come in. I gave him water and just sat on the ground petting him, trying to keep him calm, thinking he had somehow gotten over tired. Then he licked my hand and I noticed his tongue was white. I got my dad and we took him straight to the vet. We get there, tell the receptionist what is going on and she gets the girl. The girl looks at my dog, smiles at me and says she is sure he is just fine, she will have the vet look at him when he is done with patients and says they will call us when he is ready to go home. The next day, my dad came to pick me up from school early and I knew when I saw him. We got to the vet office and a different girl was there. She said the vet stayed up with him all night trying to help and was petting him when he passed. They gave my dad back the money we had paid for the treatments so far and wrote off the rest of the bill. I just remember crying and htinking it was somehow my fault. I still don't understand how a heavily panting dog with a white tongue was considered a low priority/not an emergency. I got another dog a few months later. I made my dad buy the HW preventative (and flea and tick preventatives) and as soon as I was old enough to work, I got them myself. I still miss that dog so much. :(

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