vividexpression (vividexpression) wrote in bad_service,

what happened here?

I went to a restaurant yesterday with my bf, a friend and her bf. We are all pretty much 18 and 19 and all of us have part time jobs. We got there at about 2:25 and it was not busy at all. The waitress came and our drinks only took like 5 or 10 minutes. She didn't come back for a while for us to order. When she did, three of us ordered BLT sandwiches with fries. My boyfriend ordered a burger and fries. You'd tihnk that wouldn't take too long.... right? It was 2:55 and we are wondering where our food is. When our food finally came at about 3:00 it was on the cold side. (just barely warm) The fries were kinda mushy. A lady that came in after us got her food before us. I only left a 10% tip because I felt like b/c of our ages she wrote us off. We were polite the entire time and I would have left a 15-20% tip had the service been better.

(We left a $5.57 tip on $34.43 for dinner for my bf and I on Sat night, food was amazing and so was the service, very quick and the place was PACKED. Not a free table in the whole entire place!)
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