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Medical B_S

The recent medical post reminded me of my own medical B_S. Trigger warning for the needlephobic.

I had a 2.5cm gallstone. It put me in hospital from the pain. My pain tolerance is abnormally high, but this time I just could not push it away no matter what I did. They kept me in there about 5 days, on a drip without food.
I cracked my room mate up because I was constantly talking to "Ivy" and telling her it wasn't working out we were breaking up as soon as the docs said I could get out of here.
All is well, until my veins kept collapsing... so they'd have to find a new one every 12 hours. I was fine with it joking with the doctors who came to put it in again every 12 hours.

On the 3rd day... I decided I'd had enough so I'd talk to the surgeons lackey (the surgeon in training) and see if anything could be done.

SL: Surgeons Lackey
Me: Morphine takes the pain away!

SL: How are you today?
Me: I'm fine apart from this *waves at drip* it keeps needing to be redone every 12 hours is there something that can be done about that?
SL: No.
Me: I know, but I was hoping that...
SL: (snaps) This is a hospital. You have to get used to that.
Me: *tears well up in my eyes. I've had 7 new needles put in by this stage. They were talking about having to put it in my feet because they were having so much trouble. This was freaking me out.*
SL: (Face falls. Omg omg omg I made her cry... oh shit.) Look, I don't like needles either...
Me: (tears just start falling now. I'm at the end of my rope.) I DON'T CARE about the needles. I'm not scared of needles. I CARE that it has to be done every TWELVE HOURS. *huge sigh as I try and contain the tears*
SL: (Um, what did they teach me in bedside manner class?) Are your family coming to visit?
Me: Yeah, they'll be here soon.

You know what the best thing was about this little exchange? I had JUST reached the end of my tether when my sister in law walked in with my baby niece. I'd just lost it and was sobbing my poor little heart out, so frustrated that he hadn't even tried to work with me. She sits down asks me what's wrong and I manage to sob it out. The look in her eyes... I was so glad she was on my side. I would have hated to be the other person on the end of that wrath. Her eyes flashed. She looks at me says "Right!" Adjusts the baby on her hip, "I'll be back in a minute." She comes back 5 mins later to tell me the anesthetist is on his way.

He's laughing at me (not in a malicious way) because I'm still quietly sobbing when he finally gets there, (after telling SIL there is NO WAY they're going in my feet. Wrists fine, as long as I have something to stop me from bending my wrist because the idea of well yeah.. it squicked me.) I hand over my wrist he puts it in first go. I get out about 24 hours later... it stayed in the entire time. So, I learnt my lesson next time I am going to tell them just get the anesthetist straight away.

The look on SL's face though... I'll never forget that "Oh shit I made her cry. I'm not meant to do that. How do I fix it?"
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