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Jokes about spitting in my food are not funny

Yesterday I drove to McDonald's with my brother for some food and drinks.  I went through the drive thru because we were taking a road trip.  We placed our order and paid at the first window.  When I drove to the second window is when I experienced the sucky etiquette of an employee.  He says hi very politely but then crouches a bit and peers into my car to stare at me and my brother (kinda weird and creepy but whatev) and sees a bag of home made snickerdoodle cookies on the console between the driver and passenger seats.

Employee: Man those cookies look delicious!
Me:  They are, I just made them from scratch! :D
Employee:  Oh well I would love to have one!
Me: Oh sorry it's actually illegal in the state of Ohio to pass things INTO the drive-thru window, I don't want to get you into trouble!
Employee: No it's not I do it all the time!
Me: Yeah it is.
Employee:  Can I have one?
Me: Sorry. No, I honestly don't want to share.
Employee:  Oh well then I'll just spit in your food!  Hahaha ( He says this with a big smile)
Me: That's not funny, like at all.  
Employee:  Oh?  Why don't you think that's funny?
Me: Because it's not funny, go away and send someone else. 

He left the window and the food runner handed us our food.

I was so pissed but in the moment I didn't say anything. I made my brother thoroughly check our food while he kept telling me to let it go.  I listened to my brother and said nothing but it's really bugging me.  My brother thinks I was over-reacting and wanted me to ignore the guy so I did.  What would you guys have done?

TL;DR Employee acts unprofessional and then jokes about spitting in my food.
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