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Worst Bar ever

GODS DAMMIT! Stupid LJ just "refreshed" and erased my whole entry for the second time :(

Okay, so in short, I rarely go to bars, I don't usually like them but I do like to play pool and hanging out with ym friends. We all decided to go to this bar. I also dislike beer... a lot... :P So I usually have to order from the bar seperatly.

Now I'm 21, almost 22. I look 18, and am more than willing to give up my ID to prove my age, I don't mind at all being carded. However my license hasn't been updated and is still slanted. Everyone who's ever served me reads the date, does the math and it's all cool :) This 'tender however... must have hated me from the start :(

BB: Bartending Bitch
Me: I'm a little tea-pot
F: Good Friend
T: Hired Thug :P

*Approaches bar, wearing "Apathy Club International" t-shirt ( Clicky! )*
BB: *reads shirt and gives me a nasty look*
Me: Hi, can I get a long island ice tea?
BB: ID! (yes she demanded it but at the time I didn't care)
Me: *hands over ID*
BB: *spends two seconds looking it over* um, you're not 21.
Me: Oh, read the Birthdate.
BB: *does so* And you're not 21.
Me: I was born in 1983... I'm 21.
BB: Anyone can make up a date.
Me: Okay.. well can I have my ID back?
BB: No, it's a fake.
Me: *befuddled* Um, no it's my license, if you have a "swiper" it will take it and show I"m 21.
BB: You're not 21. And you have to be 21 to be here and you need to leave.
Me: *so very confused* I know it's slanted but it hasn't expired so I haven't replaced it, I am 21...
BB: Okay, I told you to leave... *calls T*
T: *grabs my arm and starts escorting me out*
Me: Would you please grab my ID and look at it, or at least call the police and have them swipe it?
T: *stops, goes back and gets ID then looks at BB questioningly before walking over to me and handing me the ID*
T: Sorry.
Me: That's okay... *starts to head back to sit with friends to tell them I'm leaving*
BB: *yelling* Why did you give it back? It's a fake and she's not 21!!!! *storms over to our table*
F: Oh hey, can we get the tab we're going to leave...
BB: Not yet, your friend needs to surrender her ID and leave.
Me: How about I just leave? *very tired of this*
BB: No, and I'm going to call the police!!!! *snatches my ID and storms to the bar to use the phone*
F: Um we should book it huh?
Me: Nope... that's my driver's license, she has it and the police will clear things up...
F: Oooh we can get comped too maybe? *at the time he was joking*
BB: *instructs T to hold us there, T just sighs and nods a true hired thug*

Now we waited 10 minutes for the police, whom I talked to polietly because this particular city's police are among the best. I explained how I was grabbed and my ID stolen from me by the bartender. They took the ID to their car, swiped it, had a good chuckle and handed me back my ID. I thanked them and asked if I could speak to a manager, the cops too wanted to speak to a manager, not like being called for this kind of stuff.

She's now without a job, and our booze got comped, the manager was very nice and comped without us asking. But still... what a )*#*)#$@%@# She must have just hated how I looked... I am too nerdy for my shirt... too nerdy for my shirt...

Gah, so I'm home early with nothing to do :(
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