April Conquest (minikitkatgirl) wrote in bad_service,
April Conquest

Mad Men Madness

Banana Republic bad_service.

I really wish I didn't have to post about this here, but unfortunately, it's reached bad_service proportions. :(

Two days ago, I placed an order for one of the items from BR'S "Mad Men" line--a lovely blouse. My size showed up as available on the website, plus they were running a 40% off promotion, so woohoo! I went for it. Cut to later on that night: An e-mail comes into my inbox saying that my order has been canceled because the item is no longer in stock.


So, yesterday I called BR's customer service number, to try and ascertain what had happened. I went through the automated menu and then finally reached a person, to whom I explained the situation. She asked for my order number and checked on her computer to see what was up. She said it looked like the BR website had not updated, and that the item was indeed out of stock. Bummer. She asked if I would want her to call a store near me to see if they had it, and if so, she'd have them hold it for me so I could pick it up.

I explained that when I ordered the blouse online, they were running a 40% off promo, which was a large part of why I ordered it when I did, and asked if I would still be able to receive that.

"Absolutely, yes, sure!" she said, so I went ahead and gave her my city/state, and she put me on hold while calling the store. While on hold, I heard a schpiel about a customer satisfaction survey that I was going to be asked to take at the end of the call (this is important).

She came back and said, "They're still looking for me; would you mind holding for just one more moment?"

"Sure," said I, intrepid shopper extraordinaire.

This is where things took a bit of a left turn at Albuquerque.

The "hold" music was playing for a few moments, and then--without any prompting or warning--the customer satisfaction survey started. I was confused, but thought that maybe it was just having me do it then to get it over with. So, I answered the six questions, thinking I would go back to being on hold afterwards. Once I finished, however...it disconnected me. The CSR never came back, and I had no idea if the store she called had the item.

Undaunted, I called back, thinking it must have been a glitch, or who knows what. Went through the automated menu again, same schpiel, and then explained the entire story to the new CSR that I got, including what had just happened with the previous call. New CSR was very pleasant, and apologized for the difficulties. She also asked my order number, looked it up, and this is what ensued:

CSR: Ah! I see what happened. It looks like the site tried to place the order from a store instead of the warehouse. Would you like to place the order again?

Me: Well, when I placed it, you guys were running a 40% promo, which is a large part of why I ordered it when I did. Would I still be able to receive the 40% off? [I asked again because this was a new CSR and I just want to make sure.]

CSR: Oh, sure, absolutely! No problem.

So, I went ahead and gave her my credit card info, etc., placed the new order, she gave me my confirmation number, and I received a confirmation e-mail a few minutes later. All seemed hunky-dory, peachy keen, and I was happy that I would be getting the blouse after all.

...Until late last night, when I got ANOTHER e-mail saying that my order had been canceled because the item was out of stock. AGAIN.

I just...What the heck, BR? The bad_service did not lie with either of the CSRs, as they were both very nice, patient, and understanding both times that I called in. But something is seriously wonkified here, and the only attempt at mollification has been an offer for "10% off your next purchase" with a code they placed in the cancellation e-mail. At this point, however, I really don't feel like I'm going to be shopping there again anytime soon. :[
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