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Oh my gosh I could cry tears of happiness!!

So this has been a long saga... but here is the last update:

Today was the meeting with my parents, my advisor, and the department head. My advisor wanted me to retake classes (which I have already passed) and a new person in the mix was the head of a few departments, including student teaching.

We met with her and explained the problem. We were all calm and collected, but I told her that I was upset that I had been told my GPA was fine and all of a sudden, it's not, and now am being told to retake classes I have already passed.

Well then I showed them the print out of my program plan, where it tells me what classes to calculate into my GPA. I then show them the print out from the student teaching website where it states to use this formula to calculate your GPA, and I am following it. I am well within the guidelines and requirements for student teaching. The director looks at my advisor, shakes her head, and says "She's right."

I nearly started crying. She said "Her GPA is fine, I see no reason to not sign the forms."

We had a chat with each other about why they had these requirements for student teachers, which I do understand. I said "I understand why there are requirements in place, but I have been through far more problems than most students, and want to be a teacher far more than most. I will not be a disappointment to this program, this I assure you."

So now all I need to wait for is a placement. I am so happy I could cry. Literally, I almost started crying in the office. I knew I was right, I was following my program plan... thank you God for someone finally being on my side!

And now.... I just hope I get into the school I really want to teach at. There is this alternative school I would LOVE to teach at, and student teaching would really, really help get my foot in the door. So it has a happy ending, thanks for listening to my bitching before, but man this has caused so much stress! Just so glad it ended well!
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