xnaivetex (xnaivetex) wrote in bad_service,

A week or so ago I was in the mall and hungry, so I went over to the food court. I'm vegetarian and have Celiac's so there's not much I can have, I ended up at Taco Time and ordered a Mexi Fries Deluxe. (For those unfamiliar, tater tots covered in cheese, sour cream, salsa and beef/beans)

I ordered, the girl put tater tots on a plate and left it on the counter for the other worker to put the things on when she was done with what she was making. The manager came up front, opened up a new bag of lettuce, dumped the lettuce into the holder for it - and threw the bag behind her on top of my tater tots. Fully covering, right on top.

I flagged the worker and asked if I could get a new one made, she looked really confused and asked why, I said "Because now there's garbage on it."

The manager got really angry, started slamming stuff around saying, "It's NOT garbage". The girl took the plate in the back - and then brought the same one back out (you can see the back from where you're standing) and started putting stuff on it. So I said again, "Can I please get a new plate, I can't eat that". She came over and gave me the finished product and I said again, "I'm not going to eat this, can you please remake it"

The manager huffed over, threw it in the garbage and made another one, all the time snarking that "It's not even garbage, it's a BAG".

The kicker? She had picked up the bag when I had pointed it out - and threw it in the garbage.

Now I know that these bags carry food, I know the place that packages these bags probably have measures in place to ensure that the INSIDE of the bags are sterile, seeing as they're holding food.

That being said - the outside is not. I don't know what's touched the outside of that bag, most warehouses have rodent problems, it's been thrown into dirty trucks, handled by workers not wearing gloves, the outside? NOT STERILE. In the long trek from the warehouse to store the outside of that bag could have touched meat juice, dirt or mouse poop.

I don't understand why the manager took it so personally. When you're throwing random garbage behind you, it's not that hard to think, "Maybe I SHOULDN'T throw this on top of the food that's about to be served to a customer". It was frustrating, she treated me like I was an insane customer, when really, I don't know anyone who would want to eat food that had any sort of garbage thrown on top of it.
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