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USPS Crap service

A few years ago my family and I moved over to PA and in that time our mail service has gone from bad to worse to down right terrible but the past few days have really done it for my family and I.

Our mail women has this issue with any sort of package - mainly she refuses to bring them to front door, which is not far from the mailbox. She has broken our mailbox to make packages fit into and if they don't fit she'll leave them on the ground near the mailbox - out by the street. I cannot count the amount of packages she has crammed into the mailbox that needed two people to pull out. If the package needs to be signed for, she will just put the "sorry we missed you" notice in the mailbox without actually trying to deliver it. We're were outside when she delivered the mail once, she handed it to my sister and drove off leaving one of those slips burried in the stack. 

Earlier this week and today I had comics I ordered get delivered, both said 'do not bend'. The first package was not only bent to hell but looked like a wild animal had gotten to it. She had bent it several ways before finding a way to make it fit in the mailbox, the packaging was torn and the entire thing was soaking wet. Thankfully the comics were only bent since they had been wrapped in plastic, then bubble wrapped then tapped between two thick pieces of cardboard. The second arrived today, she placed it inbetween the mailbox door - so that it was sitting on the hinge that closes the door - and rubbed banded the mailbox door shut. This comic is not bend vertically down the middle.

These were brand new comics and some older comics that were NM before she got her hands on it. My mother is worried that if we complain to USPS, she'll only get worse but I really sick of this and the comics pushed me over the edge. Is it even worth it to complain or will it only get our mail messed with more?


Thank you for all the responses, the biggest thing my mother has been worried about it that by complaining it'll just make the problem worse. At this point though, I think shes figured out complaining to USPS is the best way to go.

We just got back from the post office and I'm not feeling great about any of it. I took the comics and the packaging from them so that the person we talked to could see everything - we were told the highest up person there was a manager. He had us fill out a complaint form, told us they would invesitgate and that someone would call us within 2 business days about it. He didn't seem to care at all, he kept saying it was just comics and brushing us off. So, we'll see how that goes but there is a case # so we'll be able to call if we on't hear back from them.

We are going to start taking photos of everything now and if it doesn't stop, we'll keep complaining. Since I have another comic shipping on the 21st, I emailed the site to see if they would be willing to send it via UPS instead or if I could pay extra to get it insured because its new but the series a favorite of mine and I dont want it ruined as well.
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