Jenny (boneh_cachs) wrote in bad_service,

Dunkin' Donuts fail

A few days ago, Mom offered to make a coffee run. When she came back, she was unusually quiet for a few minutes. At mine and my aunt's prodding, she told me that this had happened at the drive-thru:

MOM: Medium coconut turbo ice, cream only, and a small iced caramel, cream only.
GIRL: A caramel turbo ice and a mocha?
MOM: No, [repeats order].
GIRL: Pull up.

And as Mom was driving away from the menu, she heard the girl mumble "stupid bitch" over the intercom.

She got to the window and the girl wasn't around, but there were two other workers who looked horrified. At first, one of them leaned out and said, "That wasn't directed at you," to which Mom replied, "It better not have been, because I'm pretty irate right now." After that, another guy came up with her drinks and said, "Don't worry - we're not charging you for this."

She was a near-daily customer and on friendly terms with some of the workers. :/ She filed an online complaint - she was unsure about doing it at first, since the other workers were mortified and gave her free stuff, but decided to go through with it because the situation bothered her so much. We'll see if she gets a response.
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