sammyfrank (sammyfrank) wrote in bad_service,

Petco Repeat Delivery

I recently moved to a more rural area, and there aren't many pet stores nearby, so I signed up on the Petco website to have my cat food shipped to me once a month. First couple of months go great.

At the end of August I get an email from Petco letting me know that my repeat delivery is being shipped. Great because I have it timed so I'm almost running out.

About a week later it's just before Labor Day weekend and I realize the food hasn't showed up yet. I went to the website and searched around. The site is extremely hard to navigate but I finally found a page on the site that said my order was not shipped due to a credit card issue.

Now I had moved some money around when I sold my house, so for about 1 day I had a low balance on my debit card, but it was about $200 (the cat food is only about $25) so I have no idea what happened.

But instead of Petco notifying me that there was a problem, or letting me know that my order was not in fact being shipped, they simply cancelled that month's shipment. Since I was on their site I went ahead and cancelled all future shipments since I was unhappy with their service.

I then went to their feedback section to let them know why I was unhappy and why I had cancelled my account. A day later I received an email from Petco telling me that they had fully researched my problem and discovered the reason my order had not shipped because I had cancelled it. Right, except no.

Guess I'll be making the drive to the pet store every month (not Petco).

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