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Taxi Trauma

So saturday me and my friend were going to the cinema, she lives in an estate out of the centre so we book a taxi for 6pm, it wasn't our usual taxi company but seeing as it was a saturday and it's very busy we didn't think much of it.
Anyways 5.50 the taxi arrives, me and my friend's partner were ready but she wasn't, no big deal we still have ten minutes right? I open the front door to signal to the taxi driver that we are aware they are there. Anyway five minutes passes and the taxi driver is knocking on the front door 'You'll have to come out now or i'll send another one out to you, i have another fare in ten minutes!', now bearing in mind it takes at least ten minutes to get into the city centre, dependant on traffic...bad judgement on her part. 
Anyway my friend still isn't ready, we come out at about 6, maybe one or two minutes over, my friend checked, anyway the taxi driver is visibly angry at us. Halfway down the road my friend remarked to me that she forgot her phone 'I'M NOT GOING BACK' the driver snapped, me and my friend were kind of taken aback by this, it was like being told off by a parent. My friend told her she was just remarking on it to me and didn't want to go back.
So we continue on our silent awkward trip of pain when we get to a railway crossing and as fortune had it, the barriers were coming down, the driver sighed loudly, muttered something under her breath and braked sharply, turning the engine off.
Eventually we get into town, now the place she was dropping us off had roadworks, which fair enough isn't her fault, but rather than find a safe place to drop us, she pulls up near the roadworks and says loudly 'It'll have to be here i'm running late' so we clamber out, middle of the road (which in hindsight we shouldn't have done, we should have insisted on her dropping us at a curb at least but I was so eager to get out of that tense situation I did it) Lucky there wasn't much traffic and we get onto a pavement unscathed, but utterly unimpressed with this woman's attitude. 

TL;DR driver is crabby, snaps at us during the ride, makes things awkward then dumps us in the middle of the road, I thought it warrented an LJ post.
Tags: taxi/limo/rickshaw
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