Janet Miles, CAP-OM (janetmiles) wrote in bad_service,
Janet Miles, CAP-OM

Annoying, but maybe not bad, service

At Sears, looking at stoves / ovens / microwaves.

Round One

Salesclerk (SC): Hi, I'm [name], can I help you find anything today?

Me, avoiding eye contact: No, we're just browsing right now, thanks.

SC: This model also comes in [several other colors]. Is there anything I can write down for you?

Me: No, thanks, we're just looking right now, and I have a notebook and pen.

SC: We have several specials right now [lists offers].

Me: Thanks, but we're just browsing.

SC: Here's my card; let me know if you need anything.

Me: Thank you.

Round Two, less than five minutes later

SC: Are you finding anything you would like me to write down for you?

Me: No, thanks, we're fine.

SC: So you're moving into a new house?

Me: No, we're just browsing right now, thanks.

SC: Most of these come in several different finishes, so just because it's in stainless steel doesn't mean you can't get it in white or almond.

Me: Thank you, but we're just browsing right now.

Round Three, again, less than five minutes later

SC: That's a very popular model, would you like me to write that down for you?

Me: No, thank you. *makes eye contact with Dale, gets nod* We're just leaving now.

I suspect the constant pestering is corporate policy, whether the idea is to guilt people into buying something, or to keep people from shoplifting, or because some higher-up with more free time than sense has decided that customers start feeling unloved and abandoned if they aren't chatted up every few minutes, but we will be buying our range somewhere else.
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