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The Lurker post’s!
I have two stories here. Just as a forward, I am probably one of the best customers a person can get. I am usually considerate, polite, kind and when it comes to restaurants the only time I don’t tip 50% or so in a sit-down place is when I either have no more money then what my purchase is. (Which then I’ll be getting my ass outta there as fast as possible and making as little of a mess as I can.) Or when the service has sucked SO VERY VERY MUCH!
Long and thus I cut

Now for this tale here’s some more background. It was a concert so yes all of us coming into the restaurant part of the hall realized that the waitresses have been dealing with annoying 14 yr. olds all night. So we were being as considerate as possible. Here was no please wait to be seated sign so we purposefully sat in a dirty table because all the others were clean and it didn’t matter to us, we figured it meant you had less cleaning. No one else was in the restaurant; you and the other waitresses were sitting three tables away from us and watched us sit. I could however see the times you were open sign, which was still two hours from now. Still it took you 15 min or so (not that we cared mostly we just wanted to sit) to come up to us and say
“You know you have to order something to sit here.”
THANK YOU! Captain obvious! Maybe having I dunno a Menu would help our selecting abilities!
But we are all waitresses here we know what you’re going through
“Could we get a menu please? And some waters to start.” (Dancing is mighty thirsty work.)
The look we got hooo. You could tell she was wishing we WEREN’T ordering.
Takes her 10 min to get us a menu and remember people, this is a completely empty restaurant, everyone’s listening to the last headlining band or is in the bar section. We choose not to drink and we don’t like the headliner. We’re warm-up support.
And she doesn’t bring us our water.
We paruse the menu for a bit decide on just appetizers so we can all try a bit of everything, get about 30$ worth of appetizers. ($28.94) there are 4 girls so yea even if we all got meals the bill would be the same. (About 5/6$ a meal? Y-ea)
Get the order get our water with the food, oh correction ICE theirs not very much water. We don’t see the waitress again until we’re almost ready to leave (and leave mad because we did want dessert and some more to drink) she just gives us our bill and bolts. Doesn’t offer anything, doesn’t ask if everything’s okay. And then I have to chase her down with the money. And then she doesn’t give me my change.
We left her a little note on a napkin “Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch you wouldn’t have to steal money for tips.”

Wish I would have just gotten a manager I probably would have gotten a free meal. But I’m willing to acknowledge she may have been having a shitty day

This ones much quicker.
Go into the video store in town with my little brother, girl at the counter is chatting with her co-worker. I know what I want and so we get it. Stand quietly at counter while girl finishes her conversation.
“Oh gee we actually don’t have this in!”
I look a little confused (then why was the rental box out? Meh)
“That’s okay we can just pick something else.”
I turn to pick something else; co-worker comes up while I’m going through the movies
“You didn’t have to spazz out about it!”
guh.. whu? That felt rather random, I thought I was being calm. Let’s check the spazz chart, did I throw things? Nope, Swear? Nope. Yell? Nope. Do anything beyond accept my fate and continue? Duhhhhh
“I didn’t spazz…” I say quite quietly
She makes a huff noise and walks away.
I call my brother and we leave. And we’ve never went back, no wonder that store wound up being shut down.

I guess all these things just go to show you that it doesn’t matter what side of the counter a person is on an asshole is an asshole is an asshole.
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