Turn My Lips Blue (cocacola_sorrow) wrote in bad_service,
Turn My Lips Blue

Ebay suck

On the 3rd of July, I purchased The Picture Book of Devils, Demons and Witchcraft from buyitnowbooks, after seeing the book in Paranormal Activity. At the time I purchased it, they were the only people selling it.

I paid for the book the same day and it was apparently shipped a few days later. Except... it's now two months later and I still haven't received the original copy of the book or the replacement one they supposedly sent out in mid August. I understand that the item is being sent from the UK to Australia, but I have had items sent from there before and it certainly didn't take this long.

I think I've been dudded. Plus, since it's past the 45 days, I can't even apply for a refund from paypal. I contacted the seller this morning via message asking for a refund, but I don't have high hopes and I can't even imagine how long it's going to take for the money to be back in my account.
Tags: ebay/craigslist
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