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migraine suck

I have had enough medically related bad_service I could destroy your friend pages, but here's what happened most recently...

I get severe migraines, about three to four times a week. I take Imitrex, which works wonderfully and is my only source of relief. Unfortunately I only get nine a month through my insurance but I deal.

I had about 8 fills on it, so I had been filling it monthly with no problem. I was only a little curious why the neurologist didn't request to see me, but figured she would after I ran out.

When I was out of fills and had one pill left, I called Drs office because I hadn't seen her since about April, and assumed she would fill it and then have me come in for a short appt. Like I always did.

I call calmly, state my name, request the refill and ask if Dr ____ wanted to see me before filling it. Then came the punch in the face.

The receptionist told me, quite bluntly, that I had been discharged in May. I was no longer a patient for missing too many appointments, and that they would no longer refill my prescriptions. Talk to your general practitioner -- have a nice day, bye!

I would have appreciated it if -- over the course of two years seeing her -- they mentioned I was missing too many, or some warning beforehand that if I missed another appt I'd be discharged. In fact they never said anything when I did miss them, as I called hours prior that I couldn't come in because of how awful my migraine was.

Now, not notifying me before hand is one thing. But they never even notified me that I had been discharged! I had just been filling my prescription monthly with no idea that I had not been a patient in 5 months! No warning, nothing. And no refill.

Also, for whatever reason, I had only received 6 that month instead of 9, (I believe the script was written for x amount of doses, not fills) so I took them thinking I had 9 -- I would have made them last if I had realized this sooner, or knew that I wouldn't get a fill until I found a dr willing to give me one.

I also see a pain specialist who was more than willing to fill it, but only after an appt with him, and he couldn't fit me in for another week. (Suck, but not his fault) So I suffered for about 9 days, debating the ER but had not had much success there in the past. I finally got the script after dealing with almost a constant migraine the whole time. I went to the pharmacy with my script and the THANK GOD RELIEF feeling.

My heart sank and tears welled up in my eyes when the pharmacist said the insurance wouldn't fill it for four more days. Why couldn't I get the extra three I didn't get that month? The pharmacist didn't know, agreed it was bullshit but couldn't do anything about it, another suck, but not his fault. It was just the insurance company being obnoxious as usual. So I suffered some more.

But tomorrow is the day I will get my refill. I'm trying not to get my hopes up just in case, but if I don't get it I will raise hell.
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