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The case of the suit jacket

I am so pissed off/stressed out!!

I found out I had a job interview (it's tomorrow, actually) and brought in my suit jacket to be tailored last Monday. Okay, so a week ago. The sleeves just needed to be shortened a little bit, the guy said it'd be done by Thursday.

So I come in, on Friday. And the suit jacket has not been touched. The guy's like, "oh yeah, we had a question for you. Do you want us to move the button?"

Despite the fact they had my home phone number on record, they wait until I come to pick the jacket up, FIVE DAYS later to ask me this?! I told them I need the jacket by Tuesday. And he says, "Oh, well then we don't have time to the move buttons. So, you don't want them moved?"

I said, "Do I have a choice? If I need it by Tuesday morning, I can't have the buttons moved." He said, "Yeah, that's true."

So I told him I'd be busy this weekend but I could come in if I needed to, because I wanted the jacket before Tuesday.

He said, "You can come in Monday."
Me, "Are you sure you are open on Monday?"
Him, "Yes we are open."
Me, "Are you positive? It is a holiday. Are you sure you are open?"
Him, "Yes! You can come get it on Monday."

Okay, then.

Guess what? THEY ARE CLOSED! Of course, I f-cking knew it. I should have come in this weekend, no matter how busy I was, to pick up the jacket because I should have known they wouldn't know what they were talking about.

So let's recap:

They have my suit jacket for five days and don't touch it because they have a "question." Which, although they have my PHONE NUMBER, they wait until I come in to pick up to ASK ME.

Then, they can't do what I wanted anyway because there isn't enough time because they sat on the job for so long without doing anything.

Then, they assure me they'll be open today, even though I asked a few times and reminded them it was Memorial Day.

Then, they are closed today. --;

Which means, tomorrow, along with my job interview and everything else I had to worry about, I have to worry about picking up my jacket, too. And hope it's done.

They had, now, over a WEEK to do this. My boyfriend says he is coming with me tomorrow to make sure I don't pay a cent. Do you think this is reasonable?

All I want is an apology, frankly. But if I have to pay, I'll be thinking it's not worth the money no matter how good the jacket looks. The morning of my job interview, I'm picking up a freshly tailored jacket! What if it isn't done well? What if it isn't DONE YET?! I'm so stressed.

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