B&C (afangirlsdream) wrote in bad_service,

I think what you just did was illegal, sir.

For the last two months in Ohio we've been getting almost daily calls from different companies offering to send someone out for a free estimate of our hail damage. The range of annoying to polite on the telemarketing calls has been manageable even if I'm tired of hearing their opening spiels. We've also gotten quite a few (15 that I've been home for) door to door salespeople doing the same thing. Normally this isn't much of a hassle, though my front door is hard to access because of some renovation.

Today I was sitting, watching some TV while contemplating lunch and totally engrossed in the season finale of a show. Sudden knocking startled me but when a voice commanded "This is the police ma'am, open up." I jumped up, tossing my laptop down on the couch and tipped over the glass next to me into the stack of library books on the end table. It covered the books, the photographs for a scrap-booking project sitting beside it and dripped down on the cords of my laptop and my wacom tablet - which is my fault for knocking the glass over in my frantic rush to the door. I also jostled my knee and stubbed my toe as the person knocking started pounding when I took a second.

I jerked open the door to come face to face with a maybe twenty year old brat who started his spiel with lol 'Just kidding, but we are the hail police ma'am and we're willing to give you a free esti..." I snarled that I wasn't interested and slammed the door to run back and deal with the water damage.

I know the glass was utterly my fault but I've never had the police pound on my door and it certainly panicked me. I know it's illegal to impersonate a police officer and I would assume that includes pounding on someones door to sell your product. In my rush to make sure the laptop was okay I didn't catch the name of his company or I'd complain. Later I'm going to see if the neighbors caught it, or if he pulled this on them.
Tags: business breaking the rules, home improvement/repair, omfg, seriously call the cops now

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