LOOK WHAT I'VE BECOME; (mousefarts) wrote in bad_service,

Bad, bad, Papa Johns---turned good!

Today I ordered a pizza from Papa Johns because of the $11 any large pizza deal.
I also get a 20 oz coke with that, & 2 extra garlic dips.

I get the same driver as always, nice guy, & I sign my credit receipt, he hands me the pizza & goes to turn--I let him know that I'm also getting a 20oz soda & that it's prob in the car can he get that for me?
So he goes back to the car to grab the soda & gets caught up talking to someone who pulled up beside him? I dunno, at this point I stopped watching him & was playing with my cat who decided to come out on the porch & see what's new today. I get distracted easily, what can I say.

Next thing I know he drives off without giving me my soda. This has happened twice already with the same driver, now three times!

I call the store but it's busy, so I write a compliant online about no soda this time or twice before, & I was kind of pissed because I like soda with my pizza, I rarely drink soda anymore but when I do it's like a big deal, & now I aints gots no sodas....so I was bummed!

Well, the good of it is about 40 min later the GM of that Papa Johns called me but unfortunately I was out on the balcony, he left me a voicemail saying I have a credit for 4 free sodas on my account! 

Hey, I just wanted my ONE soda this time that was owed to me, but that was an awesome credit so thank you Papa Johns for taking a negative & turning it into a positive. Props, :).
Tags: *bad service turned good, *pizzeria
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