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I am this l--l close to snapping at the program directors at my college. Literally about to snap. I am so frustrated I don't even know where to turn.

So I am an English major, Secondary Education minor. I've had some serious setbacks with a brain injury, a pregnancy, 2 cases of bells palsy, but YAY... I am about to go into student teaching and graduate! All is well, I'm about to graduate. This is all that matters. I have worked my *** off and done what needs to be done to accomplish what I feel is my calling in life.

So, this culmination of crap over the past year has brought me to my near snapping point though.

I do not chronically miss class. Never have. In fact, I hobbled my *** to class when on modified bed rest. When I missed class for migraine that had me in tears, knocked out cold on meds my professor said "I get headaches too but you don't see me using that as an excuse." Despite never missing a class before, and bringing in a note telling her I have a headache disorder. When I forgot the order of something the teacher said (the semester after a brain injury, which effected my memory) I was belittled in front of the entire class by my professor to the point I almost walked out after feeling like a freaking ******* for not remembering how to hook up MY computer for HER presentation.

So this is an example of my lovely college.

Well, I am near the end. I have been trying to turn in my forms for student teaching to no avail. Something keeps happening. One time, the wrong GPA form was turned in. Despite me downloading the form from the student teaching site. Then, my adviser didn't know which form I was talking about, despite it being downloaded straight from the student teaching site. She had to "research which form I was talking about." She told me to come in and meet with her and we would have a little chat.

So today I meet with her, and I am just pulling my hair out. We go over my papers, and we start going over my academic record. Well she still doesn't know what the one form is. So that is still in limbo. I am just going to keep holding onto that and turn it in with my one big packet and if they need it, great, if not, well, **shrugs**

We go over all my classes and most of them are fine. We need to follow my program requirements, which is great. We get to one of my elective requirements, and we run a brand new CAPP report, which basically is all of my classes I have ever taken at that school. We are searching for this class I have taken, and can't find it. She goes "Maybe it isn't allowed as an elective." I said "No, it was just there. I got an A in the class, took it with Dr. Quizar, it was called Anthropological Linguistics. It was 2 or 3 semesters ago. I am absolutely positively sure of it." I go over the paper line by line 5 or 6 times." She looks at me like I'm nuts. I am about in tears. Without this class I cant graduate. I need this elective credit. She looks over the sheet. I get an idea. I said "Can I use the computer a moment?" I remember that our account keeps a record of all CAPP reports ever ran. So I pull up the report from 2 days ago, find the report from 2 days ago, and sure enough, there is the class that has mysteriously disappeared from my record. But wait... even though she sees this in front of her, she can't okay it. I have to go down to another department and fix it. So now I have to wait, again, and make an appointment. Get this fixed. Go back to my adviser and have her fix my record, and then finally put my student teaching application in. She will not do anything until then despite seeing right there in front of her my grade, record of taking the class, and start the process of my application.

Then, and only then, can my application be processed. It sucks. I had a brain injury two years ago, gone through a pregnancy, 2 bouts of bells palsy (still recovering from one and still under doctors care), in a ****** custody battle, I've been going through hell while in school and the way my adviser looks at me makes me feel stupid. Like "You shouldn't be a teacher." It makes me feel like I did in high school.

She said "I don't think your GPA will pass the requirements" Well fucknut, it you looked at the GPA calculation sheet I filled out you would see it would. This seriously sucks the most serious amount of ass it can possible suck.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Bad service from school...... bad service from adviser..... seriously, I can't WAIT to be done with this school!
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