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Bad service from Metro PCS

I've had Metro for not even a MONTH, and I've already had problems with the guy who works at the store.

I went into their store on August 11th to sign up for their service, and asked the guy if he could help me out since I wasn't familiar with any of their phones. I was looking for a smart phone I could get apps on, and something reasonable in price. The guy showed me some 200+ dollar phones, and then I just decided to get their basic phone for now, and could always upgrade later on. Then the guy told me they had a phone for $150, but was half off, and he found one left in stock. I asked if it was a phone that I can download apps to, and he said yes. I told him I'd take it. The guy at the store started putting information into the computer, and when he said I was all done, I asked if he needed my address or anything, but he said no, he just needed my name. I took it home, to find out it is NOT a smart phone, and doesn't download any apps at all. When went to return it the next day, the girl said he left to get his haircut and come back in an hour, but she said not to use any more minutes because you can't return a phone after an hour of talk time. When I went back an hour later, he lied to me and said I went over the hour in talk time, to which the girl (who was helping another woman shouted "You used your phone after I told you not to?!' and when I told them I didn't because the girl said not to use the phone, all of a sudden he 'realized' I didn't go over the hour. He then told me none of the phones actually use real apps, that they just use widgets that take you to the mobile websites. I left, unhappy, but whatever.

Fast forward to today, I get a text saying I owe $50 dollars by the 8th. I called the customer service #, and they couldn't get into my account because I didn't have a pin and couldn't answer the security question. Why couldn't I do this? Because I was never asked any of this information. After 25 minutes they waived the security for me, and turns out he used random information to create my pin # and security code, and also put in a random address for me. I found out he charged me for the most expensive plan when he told me 2x he gave me the 40 dollar plan, so they did change that for me, but I still am not pleased about being lied to so many times. They also are really rude to people and don't have good customer service skills at all. The supervisor I spoke to said she would forward my complaint to corporate, but who knows what will happen.

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