Jabberwocky (dovey4) wrote in bad_service,

Meijer Grocery Shopping 6:15 A.M.

Meijer has a wonderful produce section and is open 24 hours, so they get our business three or four times a year when we feel like shopping early and have a lot to get. This morning we pushed our heaping cart to the check out lanes only to find two check out people and the U-scans open. There were seven people (with heaping carts just like us) in the check out lines. Ken asked the "overseer" if she could open some more lanes and she replied, "I'm trying to do that right now, sir."

Only the way she said it, wasn't very nice. You can speak kindly, respectfully, and you can speak to someone, and use the word sir, with a snotty tone that sounds just as bad as telling them to kiss your ass. She then called to another employee who was straightening candy and told her to open lane 26 for these people in a hurry. She didn't speak to us. We followed the woman down to lane 26. She moved an empty cart out of the lane and began to unhook a chain that closed off the lane as a cashier walked up with a cash drawer in her hand. But the cashier went to lane 28.

The employee we were with said, "You're not opening on 26?"

"Nope," the new woman said. "I'm going to be on 28." We backed our cart out of 26 and went to 28. Ken began unloading the cart. He got 15 or 20 items out of the cart on the belt and the cashier pulls a sign out from under her counter that says '12 or fewer items' and attaches it below her line and number.

She then turned to Ken and said, "Another lady will be opening on 26 for groceries in a minute." She then folded her arms across her chest. Ken looked at her. He looked at her sign. Picked up the items he'd placed on the the belt and threw them back on the belt. We backed the cart out of lane 28 and headed back to the "overseer."

Ken pushed the cart toward her and said, "You can keep 'um."

She screeched, "I said 26. I said 26."

Ken said, "I hope you have somebody who can put this stuff away for you."

She screamed, "I told you 26."

I said, "We're not arguing with you, lady. I'm just telling you, you can keep your groceries."

She yelled, "I'm not arguing with you either. I'm just saying I told you 26."

We left and went to Beuches in Flushing and spent $189.
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