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Bounce Energy makes me hopping mad

Sorry for the bad pun but a girls gotta do something to vent right? Here's the story:

On 7/25/11 my husband and I finally hear that we've been approved by the swanky new apartment complex we've applied to and are given our address as 317 Easy Street by the office. We are all happy to know this and go home and immediately put in a electric move transfer since we have to be out of our old place by the 31st. Electric is slated to be switched on 7/29.

7/26/11: We get a call from our leasing agent confirming the approval and saying the address is actually 320 not 317 (a small amount of B_S here since the office lady made a major goof on available units and wasn't supposed to tell us without leasing agent approval. Cue panic because ZOMG! our electric is not going to the right place so I call and try to change the transfer to that unit which is doable but apparently very complicated.)

I'm told that they can cancel the original no problem, but due to late notice we cant have things in our name until 8/1. Also, they cancel the old service to accommodate the change and we get a new lower rate plan and the old one ends. This isn't an issue at this time.

7/27-7/29 Move our asses off and clear out, turning off all switches and the a/c. We lock up and drop the keys off. Then all is well until about 8/20 when I log in to my account to see if I can get an idea of what the new bill will be. I see that the old address is listed as still active with no apparent end date and my new address is also active. I freak thinking I'm being douuble charged and call, I get a nice lady who explains that its just the system being slow to update due to the small juggling act to swtich and that its cancelled as of 8/1

Fast forward to today when I recieve a bill saying I owe 133.35 for use from 8/1/11-8/11/11. I call in and send an email trying to find out wtf is going on.  Reps on the phone apologize, say it looks like someone messed up the end date and that I shouldnt worry about that bill, they fixed it and I'm not responsible for anything after 8/1.  Then I check my email this morning and am told that they "fixed" it so that the new prorated bill is only 78.92. I'm still confused as to how in the hell I can owe anything if there was not a balance on the account and I wasnt there after 7/29. I've sent off another email and we'll see how much more I have to do to get this fixed.  Oh and the old address is STILL ACTIVE URGH!

*Update: as soon as i posed this, i got an email explaining the charges. the cycle ran from the 15th to the 15th and I think I got mixed up due to the fact that I paid my last bill on its due date of the 26th, but that the address is still listed as open really worries me.

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