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Oh Toronto Public Transit

Today's just been an all around awful day for the TTC it seems. Besides the typical ridiculous wait times for a bus despite the useless schedules posted at most bus stops, today I got to witness the wonder that is a grown woman acting like a child with too much power.

I typically take a bus route to work that involves taking two buses. The first bus- while insanely late for 2:30 in the afternoon and exceptionally over-crowded- was pretty much legitimately okay. The second bus ride however, left me ready to throw my metropass at someone's head.

I'm not sure how all buses are done, layout-wise, but the usualy bus I take has a section in the back of the bus that has about three stairs leading up to it. There is supposed to be room for people to stand up on the risen platform but between people sitting with their legs cocked out due to the ridiculous amount of leg room the seating area has and the insane speed-racer driving of a lot of the drivers on my usual routes, standing on that platform is.....damn near impossible to do safely.

For anyone who's ridden on a TTC bus, you know that all it takes is one stroller parked at an unfortunate angle inside the bus for it to seriously block off anyone's ability to squeeze into or off of the bus. The smaller strollers, the ones generally used for toddlers and young children, aren't as bulky but for newborns and babies well, things can get awkward.

Unfortuntely today seemed to involve a bulky stroller parked stupidly out in the middle of the standing area of the bus as more and more people ended up bottlenecked around it, unable to squeeze through. It carried on like that for a while, as I watched from my spot securely out of the way next to the second set of doors on the bus. We had a little breathing room here, if only because we had to allow the people getting off from the raised platform room to get out of those second doors.

I'm not sure why or how the bus driver expected us to move back and let the already crowded standing area accept even more people but at the last stop just before we reached the bus station, she snatched up her phone and demanded that we move up into the crowded platform where there are already no room. Nevermind that the problem was quite obviously the stroller blocking the way and oddly enough a man and his son refusing to just shuffle down a pole or two to give people some wiggle room.

The four of us crammed up next to the second set of doors didn't move- because there was literally nowhere for us to go. The problem wasn't with us and when we didn't react to her demanding we move to the risen back area (again, where there was no room!) she closed up the door and easily continued to drive on up to the bus station with no problem.

It was at the bus station that, for some sort of childish form of punishment, the driver opened the front doors and pointed refused to open teh second set of back doors for us. Even though the back seating area was full and we were squished together in front of the stairs. She pretty much trapped us there while people slowly trickled out of the front doors and she visibly ignored the lady who asked her if she was going to open the back doors.

She didn't unlock them until the woman with the stroller got off the bus and we could finally move towards the front. The only time we ever showed any anger to the driver was a few muttered 'what a bitchy move' or grumblings.

I just....honestly, I dont pay $121 a month for that kind of service. We weren't breaking any sort of laws or rules when we legitimately couldn't move any farther back and for her to spitefully hold us back like that. It's not like we were ignoring her just because we didn't want to move- there was nowhere for us to go!

I'm thinking of reporting the incident on the website- probably a useless act considering it just seems to be a collecter's spot for complaints- but the whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way.
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