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Thanks for looking out for my financial safety Bank of America /sarcasm

My debit card is about to expire. I called the last week of July to find out when they would be sending a new one. The lady on the phone said "We send them out a few weeks before they expire. Just wait. You will get one in time." So I said thank you and hung up.

Edited to add: Thank you all for your input. I will call the bank to verify if this is normal and they had already activated my card while I was on the phone with them or if there really is a security issue. I think I'll go to the local chain though since the people I've talked to on the phone don't seem to care about giving me accurate information.

First I would like to disclaimer that I am at fault for one thing here and that is that I did not open an unmarked envelope thinking it was from a creditor. I'm a single mom with a daughter who has an ongoing medical condition so medical bills that I can't pay are a norm in my life. I tend to stack them up next to my computer and when I get a little extra money I open them up, go through what I owe where and pay what I can.

Yesterday I realized I still had not received my debt card (when in reality I had). I called the bank to find out if I would be getting it soon because there are only a few days left.

The lady who answered tells me that my card doesn't expire until 07/2015. I told her that isn't right so she asks me to read off the last 4 digits of my card which I do and they match. She tells me "We never mailed you a replacement card because your card hasn't expired yet." I got back and forth and back and forth with her on that fact and she says "Well we can deactivate your current card and issue you a new one but with the holidays it could be 7-10+ days before you get it." I asked if it could be sent faster since this was an error on their end and she puts me on hold.

Next thing I know I'm speaking with a supervisor (never asked for one and never got angry or frustrated. Simply asked if they could send the card faster). This lady now tells me something that the previous 2 people never said and that is that the new card was mailed to me on 07/08/2011. Really? Why didn't the first person I talked to on 7/25 tell me the card had already been mailed? Plus, when I ask this lady information after giving me all this "it was sent" and so forth she says "Let me pull up your account." At this point I'm finding it hard to believe anything she says. Also, she keeps just talking over me and acts as though I am interrupting her precious day to talk to me. She just sounds so annoyed. Finally I realize something and, with her on the phone, go over and grab my bill stack. And there it is!

So I thank her and apologize for the confusion caused by me. I hang up feeling like a fool. But when I pull out the card and call the activation line, it says the card has already been activated. The line activates the card based on the card number because BoA uses a unique card number for each card you are issued. I find it odd that it says they are already active and remember that we verified the last 4 so I go check.

They mailed me a debit card with the exact same numbers as the last one which means that it was already activated before it was even sent. If someone had taken my mail they could have gone on a shopping spree. I confirmed this by using the card this morning without having successfully activated it to buy coffee.

Lovely BoA. Multiple reps give me information without really looking into my question and a supervisor has better things to do than talk to a customer, let alone listen to what I'm saying.

However, I've been with BoA since 2000 and this is the only thing they have ever done wrong. And I should have opened the mail and could have avoided the entire thing. But I do think I should notify them that they issued me an already activated card.

(Edited to fix some typos and add a note above the cut)
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