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Dish Network... You Do Not Impress Me.

We have been Comcast Customers for years and with their increasing shitty customer service we decided to cancel and thought Dish Network sounded great. We recently talked to a customer representative, and what has happened... well.... this has turned into a truly doozy of a story.

Careful... this is long, lol

So originally, we called in and talked to a representative. We told them that we have three tv's, one HD, and two SD tvs. We just needed regular cable channels in one bedroom. Between the living room and other bedroom, we were told we could share a DVR with absolutely no interference. We could both watch two shows simultaneously, record simultanously, and NO interference would happen.

So we didn't get a second DVR, being promised everything would be gravy and could record at the same time and everything would be okay. Technician came out, and again, technician said that we would be okay and everything would be okay. We were starting to really like dish, and everything was all good!

Or so we thought... my stepdad goes DVR happy and we start to see that his shows start to come in on my TV. We thought it was something with the settings. We look through the manuals. We can't see what is wrong, so we call in. We get frustrated being sent in to different locations with people who barely speak English who aren't understanding our problem. They keep telling us to reset our DVR and that should fix our problem.

Only it doesn't.

So this is where it really starts to get frustrating. They get us to a person that tells us that our problem lies where our DVR model only being able to source one TV, not two. So it can only function one TV, not two. But wait... we were told it would source two tv's in the first place. Anyways, if we give them a credit card number and authorize it for a dollar(which they have on file in the first place) they can do something with the account and DVR to allow it to function two TV's. So we do this. Give them the card number. But then they tell us that this DVR doesn't allow two for dual TV's. So they can send us an upgrade. Wait, what? So in two weeks they can send us a new box. Why can't they just get the new box that they should have given us in the first place, yesterday, when they put in the service? They had no idea, but they said they can't put in the box because they have to get permission from customer service. They have to see if there is a need for it.

Wait... so we had it installed yesterday, it doesn't work, it wasn't even installed properly as stated, and you have to see for 2 weeks if there is a need for it? huh?

So it doesn't end there.... so the guy takes the box out and sees if he can swap it out for a new box. See if that will fix it. Brings in two new ones. He then has us sign off on the dollar authorization code on each box to check to see if it works. Now granted, it's only a dollar. But I shouldn't have to pay for a dollar each time to see if their boxes worked (which none of them did), because it's BS. If their equipment doesn't work, that isn't my fault. That's BS.

They also had told us that they wanted to charge us 100 bucks for installation. When we had stated on the invoice "no installation fee" which was agreed upon when we met with the service member (this was cleared up). But ay yi yi... what the hell. What a headache. This was a a few hours of back and forth BS getting this cleared up because the service member and his boss couldn't get it cleared up. Not to mention, the service member was giving me attitude. I am not a hothead and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I try to be nice to people when they are nice to me. The person working for Dish was treating me like I was a fucking moron and I am a fairly tech savvy person. My step dad isn't, but I am. He was treating me like I was dumb and despite me asking valid questions he was looking at me like I was a dipshit, treating me like shit, and I was about to snap for the way he was treating me. So I stopped asking him questions and just got his tech ID, which he refused to give. Yes, he refused to give it! Im sure when we called in to complain they were able to identify who came to our house, but he did refuse to identify who he was when we asked. He was a total dick and said "I am not comfortable giving that information." Stupid asshole. So we complained about that, but were fairly okay, and were okay because yay, we had cable and tv and lots of good movies to watch!

Then today... I wake up to a TV that wouldn't work. But they did have TV that wouldn't work. They did have a service member out here within an hour, and swapped out the DVR and spent about an hour figuring out what was going on (something with the dish, no idea what was going on. Working now!) But it was quit BS for awhile. They aren't impressing me yet, but they did give us a bunch of free movie codes, lol
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