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Lots of university-related posts lately...

So, I've been working on a study abroad application that was due today (and I was thankfully able to submit it all). I realized two days ago that I had completely forgotten to request an official transcript from the community college that I went to during high school. Herp derp. So I go online to do that, and I see that they changed things and started using Docufide to handle transcripts. My only options were to have a download link sent to whoever it was supposed to go to, or to have it mailed to the address on file with the college. In the interest of expedience, I went with the e-mail option.

The next morning, I get an e-mail from the person who handles transcripts at the college:

I’m not able to locate your records with the information you gave Docufide. Please provide your complete Social Security or if you used a different last or first name, I will need that to release your transcripts.
Thank You,

I was like "huh?", because 1) I know I provided all that information to Docufide when I requested the transcript, and 2) I couldn't believe someone was actually asking me for my Social Security number over e-mail. (I know, I'm a little paranoid, but I'm not sure I would even e-mail it to someone I personally know, let alone a total stranger.) She had a phone number in her e-mail signature, so I called it. Naturally, it went to voicemail. I gave her my former name and told her that I did not feel comfortable divulging my Social Security info over the phone.

I got a call later that morning while I was in class. I notice this, and I listen to my voicemail. She left me a snotty message saying that there were many people at that college with that particular last name and that she needed my complete SS number to be able to proceed, and that she left her desk at noon and to e-mail her if I couldn't call her back by then. She called me at 11:49.

I obviously wasn't very happy about this, but I took a couple hours to cool down and finish everything else on my application and then returned to my e-mail and sent her this:


I appreciate your prompt communication with me on this matter. I am not in the habit of releasing my Social Security number via e-mail or telephone to people whom I do not personally know. In this case, I also feel it is unnecessary because I am 100% certain that my Social Security number is among the information that I provided to Docufide. My full name at the time I attended [[college]] was [[former name]] (which I believe I was asked to provide to Docufide, and I did provide that). I would give you my student ID number if I were able to recover it, but I cannot at the moment, as I am not in [[place]] to recover it in person, the system no longer recognizes my student e-mail, and I will have to wait to receive it in the mail. I hope that this will be sufficient to complete this transaction, because as I mentioned above, I really do not feel comfortable disclosing my Social Security information via e-mail or telephone.

Thank you,

(I was searching for my old student ID in hopes of providing an alternate form of identification/running off an unofficial transcript and providing that if worst came to worst. I could physically go retrieve it, have it sent to my old student e-mail, or have it mailed to me.)

I was just praying that something would work somehow and that I wouldn't have to fight through anything. So on to this morning, when I see a reply:

"Thanks [[me]] for your information, since you emailed me I looked under [[current name]] and there you were. Not [[former name]]. Docufide only gives us the last 4 of your Social. So I didn’t have that info. No worries I found you now :)

Have a good day."

I did receive the download link for my official transcript after that. But I'm still left here going "wtf?" because among the information I provided to Docufide was MY CURRENT NAME. I don't understand how she couldn't have had that information and tried it already unless Docufide didn't give her that. More bewildering than that, I don't know when the college updated its records to have my current name instead of my former name. I'm just confused by all this...but I guess I can't complain too much because I actually got what I needed, eventually. And miraculously enough, I got it in time (even though I really wouldn't have had a whole lot of room to complain about slowness of service, since this was a very last-minute transcript request).

Still, WTF?

ETA: I forgot to mention that I had my name legally changed at the end of my final year at the community college/high school. This is the primary source of confusion in here.
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