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Update to these two medical posts and this very recent eyeglass post.

About two days after I made that last post about the doctor, I got a letter from the practice informing their patients that they had been acquired by one of our regional healthcare organizations. Nothing would change, all the doctors would stay, they’d just be called Family Practice of [Regional Healthcare Organization] instead of Family Practice of [region of state we live in]. The letter also encouraged us to take a look at their new snazzy website. I decided to take a look to see if my original GP was still there. He’s older, has reduced hours and I really only go to the doctor’s office for a physical/pap because I rarely get sick so I haven’t seen him in a while.

The website has a dropdown list of all the doctors that are affiliated with Regional Healthcare Organization, not just the ones that work at the family practice offices, so as I’m searching for my GPs name I see the name of the crappy doctor from my previous posts. Under that, I see a doctor with the same last name. Hmm, she has a very unique last name so this guy has got to be related to her, probably her husband. Their little mini bios seem to match up, so yeah, they’re married. I’m scanning his profile, almost about to exit the page, when I notice his specialty: weight loss surgery.

I’m furious. Obviously, I can’t say for certain that she harped on surgery so much because it’s her husband’s specialty, but it’s certainly suspicious that she went from “eat less, exercise more” to weight loss surgery without mentioning all the other possible steps in between. Regardless, that was the last straw and I called my insurance company and lodged a complaint.

Monday was supposed to be the day my second pair of glasses arrived, but alas, neither one of them has even been shipped yet. Once again, I got in contact with Coastal Contacts to find out what’s going on and this is their newest excuse:

“I sincerely apologize for the delay in filling your recent glasses order. We have recently been informed by our Optical Lab that there was a machine error while the glasses were in production and the equipment is still being repaired. We are expecting the technical issues to be resolved early this week so that production can be completed on your glasses. As soon as they are complete, we will notify you by email and will provide you with your tracking information so that you know exactly when to expect delivery.”

Meanwhile, they’re still promoting their coupon codes on their Facebook and there are people talking about ordering their glasses three days ago and how they were delivered today. I’m not sure what the technical issue is with their machines, but it sounds like something happened specifically to my frames or a batch of frames and instead of replacing them they’re trying to fix them. I ordered glasses and sunglasses from Zenni on the same day and I got an email yesterday letting me know they’d been shipped. It’s sad that, including the extra time it took to tint the lenses, Zenni has managed to ship out my glasses before Coastal Contact has even manufactured them. This has definitely been upgraded from inconvenience to bad service.

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