Kurenai Airen (kurenaiairen) wrote in bad_service,
Kurenai Airen

It's all well and fun until someone says something stupid

I went to the store the other day to pick up a few odds and ends. I ended up picking up something and when I got to checkout I remembered I still had some at home. I told the cashier I no longer wanted it and she was so happy I didn't stick it on a shelf somewhere. We got to chatting as she was cashing me out about people putting perishable things in non-perishable places and they have to throw it all away. It was a rather nice chat instead of the "hows the weather" stuff. All of a sudden she says "You know those flats of water bottles. The "orientals" are notorious for ripping them open and drinking a water." I kind of had no words at that point. Who says such racist and ignorant things to someone you met all of 42 seconds ago? I wish I had said something to the manager, but words failed me at that point.
Tags: *grocer, mod freeze, xenophobic screwball
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